Survey suggests what most women really want in bed is a mature lover who likes …

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Forget fussy metrosexual men and their smoothly shaven torsos, a new survey suggests what most women really want in bed is a mature lover who likes to dominate.

Dubbed the ‘retrosexual’ man – eight out of 10 women (79 per cent) want their lover to be the dominant partner in the bedroom as well as being extremely protective, treating her in the most gentlemanly fashion.

Think Vince Vaughn, Ryan Gosling, Javier Bardem or Matthew McConaughey – the survey suggests women want a rugged, manly look, a devil-may-care attitude, a hot body and a mature, gentlemanly approach.

Victoria Milan, a dating website for attached or married people looking to cheat, polled more than 3,200 of its female members to find out what they are looking for in a lover and discovered the ‘retrosexual’ man is red hot.

The survey suggests they want a man who doesn’t dye his hair or have a smoothly shaven face or torso, and while he isn’t hung up on fashion, he cares just enough to look great when he steps out.

They also want a lover who can be a ‘Mr Fix It’ when there’s a problem with the toilet or the car.

While the retrosexual sounds like the perfect man, there are just two things that red-blooded women would change about him, according to the poll.

More than two-thirds of the women polled (68 per cent) would prefer their man not to be so interested in sports teams, and 59 per cent of ladies would like him to spend a bit more time in the gym working out.

Sigurd Vedal, founder and chief executive of Victoria Milan,said the rise of the retrosexual male showed women have given up on ‘manscaped’ metrosexuals and were heading back to the traditional, no-frills type of man.

He said: “Women want a real man.

“Someone who can hold them, protect them, show them a great time in the bedroom and act in a gentlemanly manner when they go out for dinner.

“A guy who can look after a woman’s needs and change a light bulb, without worrying when his next chest wax is a turn-on.”

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