Desde hace 10 años me inyecto botox para lucir más joven: Raúl …

FOTO: Facebook Raúl Osorio, metrosexual de corazón, reveló su secreto para verse joven y lucir atractivo a sus 40 años de edad, cumplidos el pasado 18 de abril. Acompañado de su pareja Gurudarshan, quien le organizó una fiesta de cumpleaños en un lujoso restaurante, el conductor de Venga la Alegría se tomó un espacio para hablar con TV Notas de la formula que lo hace lucir "bello".  "Son 40 años, pero me siento de 28. La vida me ha obsequiado cosas maravillosas, como pasar todos Read more [...]

Edvin Marton is metroszexuális

Olvasnál még ilyen cikkeket? Élő adásban vágta fel ereit egy férfiMegrázó esemény zavarta meg Amerika egyik legnépszerűbb reggeli műsorának adását, ...R. Kárpáti Péter: Ki mondta azt a hülyeséget, hogy tönkrementem?!Újságokban publikál, fiatalokat tanít, retro DJ-ként lép fel - R. Kárpárti Péter ...Utcára került az egymásba szerelmes sztártestvérpárWhitney Houston beteges kapcsolatban élő gyerekeit kilakoltatták a szomszédok, mert ...Másfél Read more [...]

More Women Accusing Their Partner of Being High Maintenance

23 May 2013 We’ve all seen the TV skits of men sitting around, looking at their watch, waiting for their lady to finish getting ready, but now it seems that the roles may be reversing. With the rise of the metrosexual modern man, one in five women believe that their man is the high maintenance one in the relationship. Women have said that it’s getting to the point where their man spends longer in the bathroom than they do, won’t leave the house without perfectly styled hair, and constantly Read more [...]

Are you still in the bathroom? Yes, if you’re metrosexual

Late for the restaurant? Bathroom always busy? It used to be women who got the blame, but a new survey suggests that the rise of the metrosexual male has led to a wave of high-maintenance men. Researchers found that women believe men spend longer in the bathroom than they do, and will not leave the house without immaculate hair. “Traditionally, it’s women who are thought to be high-maintenance in a relationship,” said Andy Oldham, the managing director of Quidco, which commissioned the study. Read more [...]

Needy, vain, precious and weedy: Rise of the metrosexual leads to an increase …

1 in 5 women say their partner is 'high-maintenance' Having a strop if they don't get their way is most common diva traitNeeding a reply to a text immediately and vanity are other complaints75% worry about of time needed to keep high-maintenance man happyThird of Brits with high maintenance partner end up in over £1,400 debt By Katy Winter PUBLISHED: 11:39 GMT, 22 May 2013 | UPDATED: 11:39 GMT, 22 May 2013 Women say their partners are spending longer in the bathroom than them and Read more [...]

One in five women believe their man is ‘high maintenance’

One in five women believe their men are high maintenance (file picture / Foter) One in five women reckons their man is ‘high-maintenance’, a study revealed today. Researchers found the rise of the ‘metrosexual’ is leading to a wave of high-maintenance men in modern couples. Despite women stereotypically being the most attention-seeking in a relationship, women now say men are more likely than ever to sulk when things don’t go their way. Ladies say men are Read more [...]

Youth going metrosexual to impress girls

LUDHIANA: Look good and pamper oneself are the keywords for the new age Ludhiana men, who are following their metrosexual counterparts from bigger metropolitans. More and more city men are keen to look fashionable for more than one reason - be stylish and catch the fancy of pretty young girls. Many young city men are seen sporting streaky hair and spikes and have glowing skin to boot. Keen to look different from the usual, interest in the latest fashion trends has changed the outlook of men in Read more [...]

Kathmandu men going metrosexual

RIWAJ RAI KATHMANDU, May 21: Rabin Bista, 29, a marketing officer at Honda Showroom at Boudha branch, colored his hair for the first time when he was in his teens. He recalled that everyone his family was offended by what he had done with his hair. "Some of my Tibetan friends had returned from a trip to Goa and when I saw their colored hair I want to imitate them. The very next day, I went to a parlor Read more [...]