(Is your man metrosexual?…)

Answer these questions to find out:

1. Besides his face how often does he shave/ wax anything on his body?
A. Regularly
B. Sometimes
C. No, never

2. Time he spends in the bathroom
A. 20+ minutes
B. Around ten minutes
C. Less than ten minutes

3. He usually wears:
A. Prada, Zenga, Diesel etc
B. Clothes from local malls
C. Whatever is comfortable

4. How often does he eat out?
A. Several times per week
B. A few times per month
C. Almost never

5. How often does he shop for new clothes?
A. Practically never
B. Once per week
C. Several times per week

6. What kind of socks does he like?
A. Wears only designer pairs
B. Goes shopping only for socks
C. Wears whatever is at the top of the drawer.

7. How aware is he about grooming products?
A. Uses the term ‘product’ to describe shampoo or owns a loofah
B. He only buys whatever shampoo he grew up with
C. Has more than one kind of gel for hair

8. He works out because:
A. Wants to have a six pack and always be able to take his shirt off at a moment’s notice
B. Wants to stay in decent physical shape because that is important
C. Doesn’t even know what working out is.

9. How many pairs of shoes does he own?
A. More than 15
B. 6-10
C. Less than five

10. Do gay men hit on your man?
A. Very often
B. Just once
C. Never

Mostly As
What can we say; the man in your life is a one- hundred per cent metro sexual. He has all it takes and can easily be crowned the king of metro sexual land. He is very careful about what all he wears and is a very well groomed and fashionable man.

Mostly Bs
Your guy has almost made it there and isn’t far from being crowned the king of metro sexual land. He is not careless about his looks but he isn’t very fussy either. Practical and a very smart dresser he does things that make him comfortable.

Mostly Cs
Your guy probably has no idea what the term metro sexual signifies. Ask him to focus on wearing clean clothes and washing himself properly. He badly needs help from a stylist. Speak to him about dressing up sometimes.

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