Hipsters may be on the way out, ‘softboy’ is in

Labels seem to be all that matter, and a new label is starting to be seen across the pond. 

Guys used to be just guys, but then came the metrosexual with their manbags, moisturizers and hair products.

Then the hipster took hold with their beards, glasses and the latest in portable personal technology (and Starbucks in hand).

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Now may be the era of the  “softboy,” The Telegraph has uncovered.

“The softboy wears a plain T-shirt or sweater and orders cheap beer backed with bottom-shelf whisky,” writer Alan Hanson described the new trend.

Hanson said the guy isn’t a nerd or the “bro.” He can be sensitive, but also crass. He’s not overly macho, or overly emotional.

Basically a “soft boy” is the guy who can straddle the trends without being trending.

So who is the poster boy for the “softboy” movement?

The Telegraph said to look to Ed Sheeran and any character Michael Cera has played.

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