Guys grooming their brows will give you (and them) nightmares for days

by Rachel Oakley in Exhale on Sunday 15 November 2015

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A lot of blokes are getting into the ‘metrosexual’ way of life, which basically means they’re into keeping up appearances via grooming and other matters. But not every metrosexual is into manscaping, which is why it’s entertaining to see guys grooming their brows for the very first time.

In this short video, we see just how far the male species have come – yet how far they’ve got to go in the wonderful world of eyebrow maintenance.

These guys don’t just pluck — they trim and shade in, too. Ain’t nobody got time for shading these days!

By the way, if you’re wondering (and I know you are), a man holds the record for growing the world’s longest eyebrow hair. In 2011, Sumito Matsumura managed to grow an eyebrow hair 18.1 centimetres long. Keep those tweezers away!

If you think you’ve got him beat, you can apply to challenge the record here (you know you want to).

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