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Supreme Court votes unanimously to ban metrosexual marriage

In a unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to ban metrosexual marriage. Justice Kennedy, normally the swing vote, made it clear that every man has to pick a side, gay or straight, and stick with it. While the issue of homosexual marriage has sparked fierce debate, metrosexuals have come to realize that virtually everybody hates them. Also known as “she-males” and “beta-males,” metrosexuals came into existence when Phil Donahue became their leader on television several decades Read more [...]

(Is your man metrosexual?…)

Answer these questions to find out: 1. Besides his face how often does he shave/ wax anything on his body? A. Regularly B. Sometimes C. No, never 2. Time he spends in the bathroom A. 20+ minutes B. Around ten minutes C. Less than ten minutes 3. He usually wears: A. Prada, Zenga, Diesel etc B. Clothes from local malls C. Whatever is comfortable 4. How often does he eat out? A. Several times per week B. A few times per month C. Almost never 5. How often does he shop for new clothes? A. Practically Read more [...]

Bibi and Lapid: Rise of the metrosexuals – +972 Magazine

Netanyahu used to be in a class by himself as a vainly handsome Israeli political leader obsessed with his appearance. Now he’s got company, and competition.  Binyamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid (Photo: IsraeliinUSA/CC BY 2.0, Oh God — Netanyahu and Lapid in the same cabinet meetings. I don’t know if so much preening, posing and mugging can be contained in one room without the walls starting to buckle. One thing I advise Lapid — don’t wear a tie. Nobody, but nobody Read more [...]