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Rise of the man-bag: British boys rush to copy Ryan Gosling’s metrosexual style

Sales of man-bags are up 143% over the past three monthsThe rucksack is the most popular, followed by the holdall The messenger bag, made popular by TOWIE's Joey Essex in third placeStudy shows a surprising surge in bumbag sales, they are up 253%Boys in the North West are the biggest fans of bumbags By Charlie Mccann PUBLISHED: 15:11 GMT, 31 May 2013 | UPDATED: 15:33 GMT, 31 May 2013 Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Read more [...]

Half of men now describe themselves as metrosexual – Newstalk 106

Study shows men are spending an average of £50 a month on beauty productsMetrosexuality is finally hit the mainstream with half of all fellas admitting to using beauty products - from fake-tan to hair-dye.A study in England says many men think their beauty regime makes them feel better and boosts their confidence. But at least one in ten say they feel under pressure to look good from either their partner or their mates. Almost a third of men work out and around one in 14 (8 per cent) use Read more [...]

Metrosexual – the Belt, a Loyal Friend Against Untidiness

We have all seen some lads wearing their trousers so precariously low that we hold our breaths in fear that the poor things will drop into mounds on the floor. Luckily, they don't! That, to them, is what they call 'balance'. However, what keeps that pair of trousers in place is our point of interest today - the belt. For the most part, the belt is the quintessential accessory for any man of style, whatever their choice of trousers. The only time a man is exempted from wearing a belt is if he has Read more [...]

‘I am neither macho nor metrosexual’

These days men have become more inclined towards skincare, haircare, etc. Your comment.I don’t know why it took us so long to realize that we too have skin. It is the organ that covers our entire body and receives the maximum beating – the sun, the pollution, the germs. But we used to think we are too macho to use a cleansing tonic or face scrub or moisturizer. Now you can say we have evolved and I don’t mind using beauty products provided they don’t smell that feminine like raspberry and Read more [...]

When Bozzie met Sammy, rise of the metrosexual male and the sad demise of …

Thus was born the most successful Anglo-Scottish double act in music hall history. To celebrate this unforgettable occasion, I travelled to Auchinleck, Bozzie's family seat, which is now owned by the Landmark Trust. However, last weekend it was host to the small but perfectly formed Boswell Book Festival, whose USP is the art of biography. Being Ayrshire, it poured, dampening everything but the spirits of the festival-goers, among whom were a direct descendant or two of Bozzie himself. Auchinleck, Read more [...]

Metrosexual – to Buy the Right Shirt, Know Your Size

Let me say it if you won't: I am tired of seeing guys walking around in shirts that don't belong to them. I am talking about guys wearing shirts that are either too big or too small that they look funny on a good day, and very annoying on a bad day. A shirt is just that - a shirt. It's the quintessential garment for men. Ladies wear them too but theirs have a different cut. Men's shirts also have different cuts for different occasions and in different fabric. It is these variations that speak about Read more [...]

More Women Accusing Their Partner of Being High Maintenance

23 May 2013 We’ve all seen the TV skits of men sitting around, looking at their watch, waiting for their lady to finish getting ready, but now it seems that the roles may be reversing. With the rise of the metrosexual modern man, one in five women believe that their man is the high maintenance one in the relationship. Women have said that it’s getting to the point where their man spends longer in the bathroom than they do, won’t leave the house without perfectly styled hair, and constantly Read more [...]

Are you still in the bathroom? Yes, if you’re metrosexual

Late for the restaurant? Bathroom always busy? It used to be women who got the blame, but a new survey suggests that the rise of the metrosexual male has led to a wave of high-maintenance men. Researchers found that women believe men spend longer in the bathroom than they do, and will not leave the house without immaculate hair. “Traditionally, it’s women who are thought to be high-maintenance in a relationship,” said Andy Oldham, the managing director of Quidco, which commissioned the study. Read more [...]

Needy, vain, precious and weedy: Rise of the metrosexual leads to an increase …

1 in 5 women say their partner is 'high-maintenance' Having a strop if they don't get their way is most common diva traitNeeding a reply to a text immediately and vanity are other complaints75% worry about of time needed to keep high-maintenance man happyThird of Brits with high maintenance partner end up in over £1,400 debt By Katy Winter PUBLISHED: 11:39 GMT, 22 May 2013 | UPDATED: 11:39 GMT, 22 May 2013 Women say their partners are spending longer in the bathroom than them and Read more [...]