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Japan’s metrosexual revolution sees men turning to Botox, plastic surgery

From sales personnel to company leaders, men are increasingly going for surgery to look calm, confident and young. One 52-year-old man who was vexed by the wrinkles on his forehead went to a beauty clinic in May. He decided on Botox injections. “I didn’t hesitate,” said the man, who works in Tokyo. The man felt he needed a certain look in his profession as a consultant, and of prime concern was the risk of looking irritated even when he was not. “Maybe Read more [...]

Becky Watts’ murderer Nathan Matthews described himself as ‘disturbed …

When asked to describe himself following his arrest for the macabre murder of his stepsister, Nathan Matthews told police: “Emotionally unstable, psychologically disturbed, metrosexual Neanderthal.” The 28-year-old takeaway delivery driver was by his own admission a Jekyll and Hyde character, oscillating between his twin identities of a joking, lager-sipping twentysomething and an angry, controlling abuser with little or no self-esteem. There had been warning signals that Becky Read more [...]

‘Brosé’ phenomenon ‘led by metrosexuals’

The recent “brosé” phenomenon of men embracing pink wine is being driven by open-minded “metrosexuals” according to one leading Provence rosé producer. Mirabeau founder Stephen Cronk thinks “metrosexuals” are driving the “brosé” phenomenon Speaking exclusively to the drinks business, Stephen Cronk, founder and owner of Mirabeau, said: “The “brosé” phenomenon is not surprising when you consider that the metrosexual Read more [...]

Metrosexual Man (Again)

Joe is taking a hiatus from writing new stories for a bit, so we are offering reprints of his Tuesday morning columns. Please enjoy this one, from November 2, 2009. I haven’t lived in the “big city” for many years; that would be Boston, in my case.  And I count my blessings really.  Not that the lure of the city is taboo to me.  I like visiting Boston.  It’s fun to walk down Newbury Street or the Theatre District, even through Boston Common and the Gardens.  Read more [...]

Becky Watts murder trial: Stepbrother sobs and begs police not to read out …

The stepbrother of Becky Watts wept as he begged police not to read out his confession to killing the schoolgirl, a court heard. Nathan Matthews, 28, handed police a statement admitting he "strangled" Becky during a bungled attempt to kidnap the 16-year-old to "teach her a lesson", a court heard. Matthews has admitted manslaughter but denies murder at Bristol Crown Court. Today a jury watched footage of Matthews' interview with police as they pushed him to reveal more details about the killing. Read more [...]

Becky Watts trial: Stepbrother admits he was a ‘psychologically disturbed caveman’

He said he planned to make an excuse to Hoare and then drive Becky to a "wooded area"."I would still have the mask on and scare her and say something along the lines of, 'you have to start treating people better and not be a bitch and self-centred’, and make a threat that this could happen again or worse," he said.Chinese takeaway delivery driver Matthews and Hoare both deny murder and conspiracy to kidnap.She also denies perverting justice, preventing a lawful burial and possessing a banned weapon Read more [...]

Becky Watts murder trial: Suspect wanted to ‘teach her a lesson’

The stepbrother of Becky Watts claimed he strangled her after a kidnap attempt to “scare her” went wrong, a court heard. In statements and interviews given almost two weeks after she vanished, Nathan Matthews, 28, said he brought a “large bag, a stun device, handcuffs, tape and mask” to her home in Bristol on 19 February. He claimed he planned to take Becky to a “wooded area” to “make her more appreciative of life”. He pounced on Becky in her bedroom. He told police he was wearing Read more [...]